Making THIS Garden MINE

The question was raised in one of my groups "What are you doing in your garden?"

I was tempted to skip over that discussion. I realized I don't really feel like the garden outside my house is MINE. It's still the previous owners'. It has the remnants of their hopes and dreams out there. I was a bit afraid to disturb it. Truth be told, I felt overwhelmed by it. There are some nice things out there, but a lot of overgrown things. In my last house I had a beautiful mature magnolia tree that had been planted in the 20's. There was such a beautiful ground cover underneath (European false ginger), along with various things like snowdrops and hostas, etc. Next to the porch I had some beautiful daylilies, and peonies, and baptisia australis (false indigo). Oh, I miss that garden! it took me twelve years to make it mine.

We've been here two years, but somehow I haven't made the garden mine. I have two part time jobs, true, and time is scarce. But gardens are built plant by plant, not by bucketloaders. It's really just tucking a plant in here and there. Before you know it the garden has a cadence and rhythm that comes from really watching and living in it.

This will be the year this garden becomes mine. I suspect there's healing in planning and planting a garden.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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