Why I love the Commenting Feature

Sometimes people leave comments
and you wonder who they are
and then you go to their blogs
and it's like discovering a whole new world!
Today's joy was visiting

The Hermitage

So much so that I went to her Etsy shop
and bought a couple of prints for my newly painted office.


  1. Dixie, many thanks for this :) Hehe.. isn't the internet great for stumbling across other people's works like this :) All the very best

  2. Dix,
    Rima found me today and I discovered her as well! I can't wait to add some of her art to my collection for my studio as well!! I am blessed to have a computer where I am able to meet so many good and wonderful people.


  3. Oh Dixie!! I love Rima's illustrations!! Such beautiful work ~ thank you for pointing the way. Do you like your brown paper bag walls? I bet they're lovely! xxoo, Dawn (I hope you've received your package if not today, tomorrow)

  4. What a fascinating artist! Thanks for sharing her work. Nancy


I'm so glad you visited and it is fun to read your comments. It helps me know what you think is interesting. :-)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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