Where Women (Really) Create

I do love the magazines Where Women Create and Cloth Paper Scissors Studios. I love drooling over the nicely picked up creative places. Sometimes I wonder if anyone really creates there, though. Or the people who work there must have some magical studio fairy that cleans up. Or they only show the studios of people who are naturally tidy.

I lead a group about Izannah Walker Dolls, and we have a thread going called "Where Women Really Create". What I wish is that there would be a kind of "Clean Sweep" section where these magazines would help a person rework their studios for better function.

I have some ideas about my painting table, which is an old metal garage storage unit that got plunked at the bottom of the stairs when we moved in here. I envision some shelving on adjustable tracks above the painting table. Also,instead of a painting table I could get a kitchen cabinet for one side with drawers to house stuff. Because things slide to the back of the metal shelving in my present arrangement. I need a place to hang painted doll limbs for drying.

Of course, redoing the shelving will make no difference at all unless I change my messy packrat ways. ;-) Even with my organizational challenges, I do manage to make some things!

I bet you feel really good
about yourself right now.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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