Age Old Problem:
How to Escape the Sun

I'm not only an artist, I'm a soccer mom. I actually enjoy watching soccer games. But yesterday it was sooooooo hot and I couldn't stop thinking that we had left a beautiful lake to swelter in the hot sun. The opposing team had a great sun-shade and a full line change while our team was down two players and so most players were in for the majority of the game. They were tuckered out! I kept looking longingly at the awning shelter that the opposing team had. Yes, I was coveting it.

And I was thinking of myself, too. I had my hat, yes. But it was not enough. There were trees far away from the field but the kids couldn't hear the support from there. So we sat in the sun. When I couldn't sleep this a.m. I kept thinking about the problem and searching for sun-shade awnings. So I wandered over to Google Patents to see what inventions are in the public domain, ready to be used as inspiration. The contraption above is pretty nifty, really. Except having to carry that pesky balancing stick could be a problem. Or an opportunity? For those moments when one of the parents from the opposing team gets unruly wouldn't it be nice to have a long stick to poke them with?

After sitting for so long in the sun I could really understand the thinking of this guy's invention. I think it goes something along the lines of, "I will do ANYTHING, I will wear ANYTHING to escape this bleeping sun."

If someone had been selling sunshade awnings yesterday I would have snapped up the awning above in a heartbeat and probably for a premium, too.


"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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