Mini Izannah Walker Inspired Doll Finally Finished

Some time ago (!!!) a kind collector asked if I would make an 8 inch Izannah Walker inspired doll.  I told her I would try and here is the result.   She is slightly over 8 inches, measure about 8 1/3" tall.  The spice jar is added into the picture to give an idea of scale.  I find that taking pictures of small items can be deceiving.

She is SOLD. 

This small Izannah Walker inspired doll is made with the same process I taught in my Izannah Walker Workshop class, although I used a newly developed body pattern.  The head and shoulders are sculpted with paperclay, and then a fine knit cloth was applied over the paperclay.  She has teeny tiny cloth applied ears, just like original Izannah Walker dolls do.  Once the ears are applied, the knit head covering is painted with quality artists paints.   She has a second body covering just as original antique Izannah Walker dolls do.  Her small hands have tiny attached thumbs, just as Izannah Walker dolls do.   Her petticoat is trimmed with antique lace, and she wears an apron that is a reproduction of an antique apron I own.  Her dress is made from a reproduction cotton fabric.  She will be bringing her dress pattern with her to her new home, in case someone wants to make her a dress from other fabrics.  

Do you see the original Izannah Walker Hope sitting in the background?  

Michi Ball's wonderful little lamb gives this mini Izannah the perfect spot for sitting and leaning.  Michi's lamb states here.  ;-) 

Some closeups of her head - 
note the tiny applied fabric ears!  



Here she is with a simpler arrangement 
sans apron and petticoat. 

Her petticoat is hemmed with a shell stitch. 

This doll is ready to go to her new home.   This experience, and the time that it took me to make this doll, is one of the reasons that I do not take orders any more.  

I really like her and it will be hard to say goodbye to her. But she has a "cousin" waiting in the wings for me to finish. Here she is again, with her spice jar prop.  :-) 

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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