What You Call Yourself

Answering the question of what I do is interesting. Depending on the person, I might say any of the following: artist, folk artist, doll maker, site designer, painter, printmaker. All of these things are true.

I was talking with someone who doesn't see the art in folk art, much less in folk art dolls. To them, art is paint on canvas, preferably OIL on canvas. To them, art is in a frame, on a wall. Since I am not framing my work in a traditional sense, what I'm presently making is not art to them.

I came across two artists who have given themselves labels that I really like. One is Este MacLeod and the other is Heidi Howard. Este MacLeod calls herself a "painter and applied artist". Heidi Howard calls herself a "Maker & Painter".  I particularly like that label, because it sounds so active.

Maker & Painter
Mover and Shaker

I like that Este McLeod's and Heidi Howard's art statements push against the boundaries. Since my life has many other constraints in it, I don't want to be hemmed in artistically.  it's an area of freedom.  So for today, I will also call myself Tamer of Textiles.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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