I have a collection of sign images over on Pinterest. What a great tool for research! A few weeks ago I was in Dexter, Maine with some time to kill, so went to the Dexter Historical Society Museum, housed in an old grist mill.  What a great old building!  They had many trade signs from past.  I love looking at old graphics and the nuances in the hand painting on old signs.  Modern signs are often made with vinyl lettering printed by computer, so you don't get the sense of variation that are imbued by the hand of the maker. Here are a few I saw: 

And finally, I saw this continuous towel roller, which I remembered being in gas stations when I was a child. Nothing like seeing something from your childhood in a museum to make you feel old! 

Knocking at the Right Door
Laugh Along WITH Me

Recently I went to yoga, which had moved to a new location. In order to enter the bathroom at the new location, you have to enter a code.  I went out into the hall, entered the code, red light flashes. Hmmmm. 

I enter the code again, hit enter, red light flashes. 
I enter the code again, hit enter, red light flashes. 
I enter the code again, hit enter, red light flashes. 

You are getting a hint into a personality trait of mine.  Maybe someone is in there?  I leave.  Then I return. 

I enter the code again, hit enter, red light flashes. 
I enter the code again, hit enter, red light flashes. 
I enter the code again, hit enter, red light flashes. 

"Maybe I am not doing this right," I think.  
Class is about to start.  
I abandon my mission and go to the class.  

The next week the same thing happens. I go out to the hall, I enter the code, hit enter, red light flashes. Hmmmm.

I enter the code again, hit enter, red light flashes. 
I enter the code again, hit enter, red light flashes. 
I enter the code again, hit enter, red light flashes. 

I like to figure things out on my own.  But that doesn't always work well.  I'm learning. 
Finally, I decide to ask the leader of the class for help.  I sheepishly say, "I guess I'm not as technologically skilled as I thought I was because I cannot get into the bathroom.  Can you give me a little tutorial?" 

The teacher kindly walks into the hallway, gets to the door I had been entering the code into, and keeps on walking to the door which has the sign "Women" over it.  

It's okay, laugh along WITH me, because I laughed.  I'm learning that sometimes to knock on the right door, you need to ask for help.


This doll should be named Experience because she has gone through many changes. She sat on a shelf in my workroom for a long time until this week, when I decided to stitch a body covering on her.  I was dissatisfied with the messy paint marks on the body which needed covering up. 

She started as a cloth doll where I experimented with a different paint type.
But I didn't like the slick surface.  

So I added a layer of tube bandaging.  
Then I painted two coats of glue on top of that.  

Then I painted over the glue. 

Now working on a body covering and she should be done soon.  

The Yesterday Tree

A few weeks ago, I took the day to drive to the coast here in Maine.  The salt air clears the head in so many ways.  On the way, I stopped to look again at the house that was built by one of my ancestors. I've written about that house here.  I am fascinated by the house but also the TREE that stands so majestically next to the house.

Who knows how old this tree is?  Was it there before the house was built or did someone plant it? Someone at some time either planted it, or decided to let it grow when they were clearing the land for the house and farm. Over the years, subsequent owners let this tree be, and it has grown to be majestic.

We all make decisions like this - what to plant, or what to let grow. This tree is a metaphor. What will I intentionally establish, protect and nurture today so that future generations will benefit? There's a lot to think about in answering that question.  What do I wish I had done yesterday?  There's a list for sure. Some of those things I can still do.  Time to get crackin'.  Er...preserving.

Thoughts Over Coffee -
What I Wish I'd Done Yesterday

I'm glad I made this mug with 
my younger son when he was a toddler!

(A repost from the past - something I still want to think about). 

I start my day with coffee.  And with thinking.  Sometimes I write my thoughts and prayers in a journal. Today as I was creeping down the stairs trying not to wake the dog or the kids I was a bit mad at myself.  Usually I make coffee the night before, and I hadn't done it.  That made me think of other things I hadn't done.  So I was mentally making a list of all I hadn't done and wish I had.  This is dumb.

But I might be wrong.  Maybe making a list of what I wish I'd done in my yesterdays can inform today's to-do list.  Do I wish I had exercised yesterday?  Yes.   Will I wish I had tomorrow?   Yes.   Shouldn't that be on today's list?   Yes. That way I can turn regrets into something positive.   Pssst!  It's called learning, Dixie.  There are other things on the list that are as important.    Maybe my list should be called "What I Will Be Glad I Have Done."  And then do it.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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