Izannah Walker Doll Pattern
for Hurricane Relief

The sale is over, but please donate directly to One America Appeala bipartisan organization formed and endorsed by our former living Presidents.  You can designate the area you would like to support.

To purchase the PDF e-pattern, click this link:  

Izannah says, "Now Is the time."

Yesterday's post about marking milestones through buying art reminded me of this group of dolls I purchased for my 50th birthday. I purchased this lot on EBay and the original buyer bought it as an end of auction box lot in Vermont.  👀  We know what that means!

I sold the French Fashion doll, and gave the wax doll to a doll making friend. The Izannah doll has been patiently waiting these past 5 years while we dealt with transitions as a family, first with my oldest graduating and trying to find good programs for him, and now as I've sent my youngest off to college.

Izannah Walker's 200th birthday is a great time to study her more closely and make her some replacement limbs. I've been imagining in my head how I will go about this without changing the original doll at all.  It will be a fun Winter Project. I will share my progress and problem solving here on my blog, and some on the Izannah Walker Chronicles, as that blog focuses on original antique dolls.

Celebrating Milestones with Art

In our time together, my husband and I have often marked particular milestones by buying art. When my youngest graduated recently, I recognized that my roles as mom would be morphing.  And so I asked jewelry artist Steph Stargell to make me a necklace to mark the milestone. What a beautiful creation she made.  I can't wait to dress up and wear it.  I love it! The stone is a crazy lace agate.

Celebrating Izannah Walker's
200th Birthday Today

I'm going to be celebrating Izannah's birthday each day for the rest of September. The first way of celebrating is to offer my Izannah Walker pattern at a sharply reduced rate of $10. I understand that doll makers are often on a budget, so this is your chance to try out this pattern. The pattern can be used to make a cloth doll such (click here to see a cloth version) or to make a doll with paper clay sculpting additions on the head. Many wonderful doll artists began their Izannah explorations using my pattern.  I'm proud of that.  

Speaking of other artists' Izannah creations, I'll be hosting a links list to others' creations on the web over on the MAIDA Today blog later in the day.  Be sure to check that out.  I will be updating it through the week.  

Click here to go to the purchase site for Dixie Redmond's PDF Izannah Walker e-pattern. 

Autumn Care Package Party

This fall feels really different after my youngest son has flown the coop. I miss him so much!  I miss going to soccer games, and band events and seeing people on the sidelines. So I decided to host a "Care Package Party" for other moms who have sent their kids off into the world.  I read about another mom when did this on Grown and Flown. Each mom will bring 10-12 inexpensive items to put into the boxes.  Then we will sort them all out, add some cards.  I haven't had a non family party at my house in a loooong time. 

We will have fun packing packages, but it's also an excuse to socialize.  :-). I was searching the web for sangria ideas and came across an Apple Cider sangria recipe to try.  It seems fun. the recipe can be found at Sally's Baking Addiction.  

Fixing Mistakes

I painted a little table yellow.  Then I waxed it with clear wax. Then I put dark wax on it and OH NO it was the worst!  But I did a little reading and found that you can remove Annie Sloan dark wax by putting clear wax on top and wiping it off.  It was labor intensive to do this but it gave me some time to think. Most mistakes can be fixed but the first step in fixing a mistake is admitting you made one. The picture shows this as being a lemony yellow but it's not, it's Annie Sloan Arles yellow. 

Speak Truth, Not Hopelessness

These are extremely hard times for many American people. There are some hard circumstances and hard truths which must be faced, but I think as Americans we can and must face these truths with hope. Today I saw on Twitter that someone had posted a tombstone of the United States of America. And it got my dander up, y'all. Imagine if at any pivotal point in our history Americans had given in and said our noble governmental experiment was "done". Nope. I will not be the person to say that.  And I will snap back at you if you say that.

The scarcity of opportunities for my grown son who is autistic challenges him (and me) on a daily basis. I also see things happening in my country which make me seriously worried. But I am not going to curl up in a ball and say it's "done" - not for my country, not for my son, and not for myself.  This doesn't mean that things are not extremely challenging for our country, or for my son or for myself. But we will get through it and we will create solutions, because that is what Americans do.

So. Acknowledge the challenges. Be truthful about them. Don't sweep things under the rug. And then work like your life depends on it, and speak hope.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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