Progress in the House

This is not a decirating blog. Mostly I focus on art here, but sometimes I share about life things that are going on.  I've been making changes in my kitchen and family room, which are open to each other.  The top picture is the "before" and the bottom picture is the "during".

Changes in a house take more time than you think they will. Today the carpenter is putting on the finishing touches on walls and countertops. He is a very nice guy.  But it doesn't matter how nice they are, I don't enjoy having people in my house.

I chose to do a mini update, replacing laminate countertops with laminate and painting walls and cabinets. I didn't want to have to deal with living with a full gut job. 

Now it will be my job to paint the walls and cabinets.  I'm still deciding between white and blue.  I have until I finish priming to make my final decision. 

The Old Barn on the Way to Camp

On the drive to "camp" as a girl, there was a barn that was a landmark, telling me we were getting closer to the turnoff to the lake. Over the years it looked more and more bedraggled. The old asphalt shingles had come loose, it leaned to the side a bit, but with an air of an accomplishment, like a child standing on one foot. "Look at what I can do!" her stance said.

 Perhaps she had been a store at one time, or a storage building for goods being shipped by railroad. Nestled into the crossroads of two roads and the railroad tracks, she had been built in the days when railroad was the main way to ship goods inland. She has/had stories to tell for sure. She was built in a time when buildings were pegged together, when the main "crop" in Maine was lumber, and it was plentiful.

 Last year, a sign appeared on her back. "For sale by owner" it said. I remember laughing at the time, thinking, "Who would buy it and what would they do with it?"

This year, I saw she had slumped to the ground. I don't know if this barn fell last year's big ice storm, or if she was pulled down. But riding to camp one day I saw a crew of men pulling wood off the fallen structure and loading it into trucks, probably to sell as reclaimed lumber. I'm not laughing now.
Goodbye, Old Girl. I will always remember you. May you go on, albeit in pieces, to witness and tell more stories. Pictures of what is left:

A Gift of Heart and Hand

My friend Edyth sent this lovely painting, which is inspired by my great great great grandfather's house in Searsport, Maine.

Her friendship is such a gift.  I found a nice wide wooden frame for it yesterday. 

What's Going On: Household Changes

After last year's long, cold, and dark winter I decided I had had enough of the 30 year old black laminate countertops in my kitchen.  I decided to go with a lighter laminate as a kitchen update.  I hope to paint the cabinets.  I have been waffling between white and blue.  Below is a collage of inspiration pictures:

Here is my new countertop:

The project is not done.  The walls are still being worked on.  And I'm still waffling on color.  The picture below shows a few samples:

Helen Pringle Fairchildren Doll SOLD

I am reducing the size of my doll study collection again.  You will want to keep your eyes on posts here, as I will have other lovely creations to offer.  I purchase dolls, enjoy them a while, and then send them on the next leg of their journeys.

To read more about this doll which is for sale, please visit my selling blog.  

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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