The Painting Stages of a Doll

One of my artsy friends made a comment about the changes that Experience went through - and how much she'd changed from beginning to end. And she really did - so here's a little run through of her from first paint to last. In the first picture I've done a basic face painting without the hair being painted. She was really sweet at this stage, but a little too precious.

I painted the hair and laid on watered down washes of
burnt sienna and umber, wiping off after I put them on.

Added more color to her cheeks and glazed in darker areas.
She's decided she wants the green fabric....

Dress all done but I don't like the finish of the neckline.
Back to the sewing machine to add a band
instead of gathered edges to reduce bulk at neckline.

After the distressing process...a little too much color was taken out...

So I added back some for her lips and cheeks only.

And this is where she ended up. In the past I used crackle medium to age dolls, but this time I used a different approach (and some staining solution by Blondie aka Vintage Primitives at The Humble Arts (link up to the upper right corner). I like where Experience ended up and I certainly learned something in the process.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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