To Crackle or Not to Crackle?

I admit it. I'm a bit addicted to crackle medium. Just a bit. I can say no to crackle, really! Some of my dollmaking friends like to tease me about it. You know it's bad when you're writing DecoArt to ask if they make the crackle medium in quart jars. bi

Here's the latest progress on my latest Izannah Walker inspired doll. I made her a dress that approximates dresses I've seen on antique dolls of the period. I'm not so sure about the bulk at the neckline. Maybe if I finish and wash the dress a few times it will get that lived in look. But the big decision is whether to apply crackle finish to her or not. Truthfully, I like her as she is now, but I adore the way crackle adds an unplanned (and uncontrolled) spin to my creations. But they can ruin a doll, too. Here's my first Izannah doll with crackle applied (I loved that doll!).

And you see the Crackle Candidate above. Oh, dear. I wonder what her fate will be.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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