Be Still My Heart!

Today I got to go visit an amazing garden. I have a wonderful friend who knew that seeing her brother's garden would be a visit to a work of art and a healing hour in a hectic time of life. I didn't bring my camera, and words are failing me to describe it - this garden was so beautiful - a kind of painting with shrubs and flowers and leaves. Jim really has such an eye for color - but not the kind of color where you plunk a marigold next to a petunia. Those kinds of gardens are nice, but Jim's gift is that he created a garden using color of the foliage and the texture of the leaves to create a kind of tapestry. The flowers are wonderful, but if there weren't a bloom in the garden it would still be beautiful. And restful. It draws you in, and there's a wonder unveiled with every turn. It's the kind of place that you can see in an hour, or you could take an hour to really study 6 feet of it. Amazing. It was so inspiring.

Most gardeners have generous hearts, and Jim does, too, so I left with a little runner of a beautiful shrub. Jim didn't know, and I didn't, until I put it in the ground in this jungle of a garden that is mine, that what I needed was silver leaves. So I planted this little shrublet (is that a word?), and it inspired me to weed out some of the invasive plants that this shrublet will have to content with.

Planting this shrub after seeing that garden is a bit like someone looking at a Rembrandt painting and then going home and trying to recreate it with Crayola crayons. But that's okay. The Bible says "do not despise the day of small beginnings." The picture above is of the small beginning - and now here's one of the jungle to be tamed. You can see the little silver shrublet in the middle of the picture.

a close-up of the daylily on the right above
called "Drop Dead Red" which I purchased on Ebay

And here's a daylily that the previous owners planted
which is gorgeous, called "Cedar Waxwing".

And here is a daylily that I didn't even know was there because
it used to be shrouded by this terrible deer-chewed yew

which my husband lovingly chopped down
as a Mother's Day gift to me.

It's a start.
Rome wasn't built in a day.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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