The Gift of a Rainy Day

Rainy days bring out the creative side in me - either that or the nesting side. Rainy days are like a message from on high - stop and rest, just be. Curl up with a book. Let some ideas percolate. I love sunny days, don't get me wrong. Especially crisp, clear New England days. But there's something about a sunny day for me that has a sense of expectation to it:

"Here's this beautiful sunny day - I must do something that lives up to it."

On a rainy day, I can go down to my Creativity Zone without thinking of all the garden work that needs to be done, or the summer fun I ought to be having. The laundry area is next to my creativity zone, so I do laundry and create.

A rainy day gives permission to experiment. And to dream. I got the book Where Women Create and I must say, "OH, MY!" I'm doing an okay job of getting organized. But I need to add more things in the mix that just feed my soul. For instance, someone had the word "DREAM" hung in big letters. And I wouldn't do that especially, but sending some positive messages to myself would be a good idea. I've done that in some ways by buying other people's art-work and I hang it within sight of places taht I paint or sew. Hey, I know what my next blog-entry will be. I'll take pictures of things that inspire me. :-) What a good idea for a rainy day.

Here are pictures of an 11 x !4 inch painting I made for Angels for Brianna. I made two paintings, but this one turned out best, I think. Both paintings have gone through extensive painting with layers and washes, and crackles and more layers.
I'm hoping that it will help in some way.

detail of painting...

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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