Yesterday I went to Lucy's Doll House in Camden again. Yes, it's a wonderful place, and I love it. I was able to take pictures of the Izannah in red, and the other Izannah they have which is going to live in a new owner's home. Notice the teeny (maybe 10 inch?) Alabama baby sitting on Red Izzie's lap. :-) What a fun party! I'll be adding more pictures to my picturetrail once I have them all edited.



  1. Dix, I don't know how you kept your composure see those three dollies all at the same time. I would have hyperventilated. Thanks for sharin' your once in a lifetime event with us. ;)

  2. Dixie! You are so fortunate to be able to see these treasures up close! Lucky dawg!

  3. LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing these ;)

  4. Dix!!! I really could not be more envious of you! Can I please hang out with you? I promise I will behave!;-)
    To see those dolls up close and personal would be the thrill of my life! :-) Nan

  5. What gorgeous girls! I don't collect dolls anymore, but my grandmother was a dollmaker. What a nice memory.


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