Doll starts...

It wasn't until I joined the Vintage Cloth Dollmaking group on Yahoo that I heard the term "doll starts". Now I know what it means. :-) The three dollies above are all "doll starts". All at different stages. When I left the room they lined up and stared at me as if to say...."No more doll starts until we are finished!"

This is the last creation to debut before they get finished. The red polka dotted gauzy material is vintage cloth that was kindly sent to me by a fellow artist - she's a quilter and didn't need it and thought I could use it. I love that material! I overdyed it with tan to give it a more subdued feeling.


  1. Oh dear! I better not count my "starts", it might get embarrassing. :)

  2. i have many starts. My brain just works that way; but truly makes sense when you think of it.
    You are a great multi tasker!

  3. There's my favorite face peeking out in the middle. She is adorable!

  4. looking forward to the doll finishes :=) I have lots of doll starts also.

  5. Had to smile at this one, Dixie! Oh my goodness....doll starts - a whole wall full of them! So good to see I'm not the only one! :)

  6. Doll starts, good one. I have a Doll starts basket. How sad is that. I love looking in on your blog.
    Have a great Sunday.


"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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