Return of the Whoopie Pie

Some time ago I wrote a post about the whoopie pies they sell at Montes in Bangor, Maine. Today I had reason to travel up to Enfield, Maine where my dad has a camp on Cold Stream pond. It was a beautiful day, as you can see above.

On the way back I decided to stop at Nutter's Market, a mom-and-pop store that sells a variety of things. Last time I went through I discovered their whoopie pies. Apparently they are made fresh almost every day (and boy do they taste like it). Today I told the woman who owns the store that I was going to write about their Whoopie Pies on my blog, and put a picture up. She told me that people have had those whoopie pies shipped to friends and soldiers out of the country, who miss a little bit of Maine comfort food. And then she gave me at no cost a pumpkin chocolate chip whoopie pie to take with me for pictures.

I brought them both home, took pictures and then sampled both (yes, I saved some for my husband and kids!) The traditional one is chocolate with a cream frosting in the middle. The pumpkin one was out of this world, and I didn't think you could improve on the traditional chocolate whoopie pie. I was wrong.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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