Denise Aumick, Artist, Quilter, Experimenter!

I haven't met Denise Aumick in person, but I've chatted with her on some artsy boards, and I've purchased a few of her small works, and she owns one of my paintings. :-) I consider her an artist friend. Her blog is such an interesting place to visit - she is always experimenting with new techniques.

In fact, Denise used a technique I shared on the Caat board! I got the technique from the book The Acrylic Painter's Book of Styles & Techniques by Rachel Rubin Wolf. Denise has really experimented with this technique! She has a featured article in the April/May issue Quilting Arts magazine, which is on sale now, about using paint and rubbing alcohol in her art quilts.

I thought I would post some pictures and details of a couple of Denise's works that I own. I love them, and people always comment on them. The tall one is near my desk - I love the viny pattern on it, and I look at it when I talk on the phone.

The other piece, which is larger, I mounted on a board in a purchased frame. I may mount it differently, but that's where it is for now.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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