It's Not Pretty, But It Works

Creative people can sometimes be resistant to doing things the normal way. As in, it's not enough to organize your piles of papers into common hanging file folders. You want to organize yourself in a beautiful way. But waiting to get organized until you can do it in a beautiful way can get in the way of knowing what's going on. Magazines like Where Women Create can set you up to have a skewed view of what it means to work and live. I don't make art so I can have a beautiful creative space. I have a functional space so I can make art. Needing to have the studio/office/whatever be beautiful gets in the way of function at times. As in, "Oh, I don't want to mess up that beautiful studio." Or, as in, "I want to file my papers in a beautiful way." Well, Dixie, being organized is beautiful, no matter how you do it.

So today I used insomnia for my own benefit and pulled out the hanging file folders and organized the foot high stack of papers on my desk. I did it in an imperfect way. There's nothing special about it. But what IS special is to be able to lay my hands on papers when I need them.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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