Izannah #1 from My Pattern - Rare Dixie Redmond Doll

Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll
by Dixie Redmond
17.5" tall


It is hard for me to send this dollie off,
because she is the closest sculpt I've made
to the feel of an Izannah Walker doll.

A dollmaking friend of mine calls my dolls
"Rare Dixie Redmond Dolls" because I am so slow.
And I am. But it's how I work.
I have two more dolls that will be finished
and listed in the next week, so keep checking back.

Her body and clothing are made
with my Izannah Walker Workshop pattern,
which I developed after three years
of studying original Izannah Walker dolls.

Her head and shoulders are hand-sculpted
by me using paperclay. The head is then covered
with a layer of stockinette fabric, which is gessoed.
Then comes the painting - many, many layers of
painting and sanding and painting and sanding
to give the feel of an old loved doll that has
seen some years.

Her dress is made from a reproduction of an 1858 fabric.
The hem of the skirt and the sleeves are faced with a contrasting fabric.
There's a beautiful antique lace sewn to the chemise
to peek out over the dress.

I love making these little spiral ears.

And now her little boots are going to travel
to live with a lovely lady in Michigan.
Thank you, L.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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