Grade Your Blog at Blog Grader

I just went to a site that measures how effective your blog is and found out the following:
  • I should post more frequently. 
  • I should add a Twitter "re-tweet" button 
  • I should add a Facebook "Like" button to my blog.  
  • I should increase the length of my posts
  • I should dumb my posts down a bit. 
  • I should set up a Twitter subscription button here.  
Guess what else I ought to do?  This is totally my idea.  I ought to make more art.   That's why this site even exists.  It seems to me that you can spend so much time optimizing your blog or website that you don't have time to make art. 

    Want to get your blog graded?   
    Click here and follow the yellow brick road.

    "Do not let what you cannot do
    keep you from doing what you can do."

    John Wooden


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