Recovering from a House Fire: For Edie at Life in Grace

Happy Birthday, Edie.   I hope this day brings unimagined wonderful gifts in the midst of all you are dealing with.  The kind that can't be wrapped in a box.  

I don't know Edie, not really.  I found her kitchen picture above when I was searching Google images for "painted kitchen cabinets" because I plan to paint my own.   When I saw that kitchen it showed me that YES paint can totally transform a room and that YES it is what I will do with my house.  I have the same kitchen cabinet doors.  I read her blog.   Through that I found out that today is her birthday.  

Edie's family has a bigger task right now than transforming a home, because her home was destroyed by a fire two weeks ago.  They have the task of charting a new course in making a home in a temporary place and then figuring out what is next.  

I know from having a child with autism that it helps to talk with others who have "been there."  And I have learned from those very early painful years of having my child diagnosed with autism that life will eventually have a sense of normalcy, and even joy after mourning.   I am hopeful for this for Edie and her family.   I am praying for them. 

If you know someone who is dealing with the aftermath of a house fire, this is a good article to read.   This article has good suggestions for helping families after the fire.

If you'd like to encourage Edie, visit this site and add a link of your encouragement post from your blog.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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