Yahtzee Memories

When I was a girl my dad played Yahtzee with us kids on Florida vacations.  It's a great memory.  And oh the joy when you actually got Yahtzee!!!  It still gives a little thrill, even on the handheld game. 

One of my kids got a touch screen Yahtzee Wild handheld game for Christmas.  On Sunday night, long after we had sent all the other kids home after a sleepover, I pulled out the Yahtzee game and played it.  It was comforting to make the simple decision of whether I was going to go for 5's or 6's, for a small straight or a large straight.   And I could hear my dad explaining why you should save your ones and twos spot for when you don't get a good roll.    It's easier to take a zero on your ones than on your sixes.

Here's a little history on the game of Yahtzee, for those who are interested. 

Life is a little bit like Yahtzee - an interesting mix of intention and chance.

What's your favorite childhood game?

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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