Works in Progress


Baseball season has begun, y'know.  And end of school year activities are coming up, too. A family history project is on the front burner as well. I think it must be Sandwich Season, because something's gotta give.  Even though I have a family history project that is front burner right now I'll still work on art when my eyes are too tired to look at a computer screen any more.  

I like everything about the creation in the middle above but the head.  So I cut the sleeve off a knit shirt and might use it as a new head cover.  This is less drastic than cutting the head off but gives me the opportunity for a fresh start. 

The Izannah and then the little papier mache inspired doll  are the front runners for getting completed. Little One is getting a dress by this weekend and Izzy is getting thumbs and legs. I'll be using my "new-to-me" sewing machine so wish me luck.

The creations on the far left and the far right
are a new project I'm working on for fall.

What are you working on?


"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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