31 Days of Art Overview

Tomorrow 31 Days of Art begins.  I spent the past 20 days cleaning out mentally and physically to get ready to make art every day for 31 Days.   So what can you see here in the next 31 Days?

Specific Techniques -  I don't want to call them tutorials, because I want to give myself permission to try some new things and fail.  Let's just say I'll be documenting some experiments with new techniques. 

Finding Time for Art - I'll write about some ways to fit art into our busy lives.

Deciding What to Do - this is a kicker.   I hope I figure this one out before tomorrow!  I'll write about it the day after.

Making Art with Kids - we have a wall in our Living Room aka The Happy Room aka The Cozy Room where I want something big and colorful and fun.   I'm enlisting one of my sons to help.   Let's just say we're going to get our Jackson Pollock on with a twist. 

How to Be Inspired by Others' Art in a Respectful Way

Following the Muse - one of my problems is I don't let myself have flexibility room. I come up with a plan, sometimes hate the plan and don't give myself permission to decide not to do that.

How to Rescue a Bad Painting - I am pretty sure this is something all artists have laying around in their work areas.  I know I do.   So this will be one of my ideas.

And much more!

Swing by The Nester's Blog to see all the other people joining 31 Days of Change.

Join the fun!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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