Day 4.325 : Art-Out Partner

You know how they say having a work-out partner helps with commitment to exercise?   Having an Art-Out Partner (Buddy?) is really, really helpful.   Knowing that someone else is going to show up and ring your studio doorbell gets you going.  :-)  Even if you choose someone who is not in your exact area, you can support one another and check in.  Actually, cross disciplines works a bit better, because you don't have any elements of competition. One of my neighbors has done this for me - she's a photographer. 


  1. Ages ago at work I started "Art Club", we would get a random subject once a week and hang out at lunch and sketch. It is based up on a sketch club (not the software but groups of artists that meet up and draw). It was only a few months before the group broke up, but in that time I felt my most creative.

  2. Being around creative people is reinforcing. I like the "Hang Out and Sketch" idea. There's a group in this area that gets together and pays for a model for life drawing. I think they do it once a month. But that's not enough, really. Weekly is really good. You've put some ideas in my head...

  3. I tried to go to a doll makers meeting here in San Antonio...they're great ladies, but the focus was more on chatting and who has been redoing their living room, not on dolls. Maybe I'll try again. Dunno.

  4. It's hard to find like-minded folks. No offense, but there is a distinction between a doll maker and a doll artist. The two groups overlap sometimes, though.


"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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