A Skeptic Reviews Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

A while ago I wrote a post called A Skeptic Asks: Is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Laced With Fairy Dust?   A lot of people have come to this blog through searches for Annie Sloan Chalk paint so I decided it wasn't fair to be a skeptic, I needed to test this paint and do a review.

So I bought Annie Sloan Provence Blue paint and clear wax from Lady Butterburg.  This paint and wax is fairly expensive, and I was too cheap to buy the dark wax, thinking I could glaze with my own paints here and then use the clear paste wax.  Or maybe I could  mix the clear wax with some oil paint.    I was wrong about that. Anyway, they came quickly. 

I chose a lowly step-stool to transform.   I did wash the stool down, but didn't sand it at all, per the paint's claim to fame.   

Above is the first coat.  It dries flat looking and streaky.  I put another coat on.  The paint color is a little lighter than I expected it to be.  I think the dark wax application must make a huge difference.  It was easy to paint on.  After the two coats were dry, I glazed it with a mix of artist's acrylic paints and glazing medium, wiping off the glaze in some spots with vigor.  I was a little too vigorous in some spots.  At this point I was wishing I hadn't been cheap and had just bought the darn dark wax.  My bad.  

I decided to keep going.  I applied the clear paste wax to my stool and then waited a few days before buffing.  Mostly because I was busy.  I think a day would have been enough.  Here's a closeup:

And here's the whole stool.  
I think I'll buy the dark wax and try it out.
I can put the dark wax on top of this clear wax attempt.  
The wax gives a nice sheen without being too shiny. 

I think the wax is key to using this paint.  And I missed out on that step.  So now I will need to do *another* step after I order the dark wax.  I even used the wax on one of my doll sculpts.  I really liked it on that!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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