Honor Goodfolk Comes Home

Have you ever had someone do 
such a kind and selfless thing for you 
it brings tears to your eyes?

This is Honor Goodfolk, the first doll I completed using my Izannah Walker Workshop pattern. I named her this because she was the expression of my intent to honor Izannah Walker.  Honor was one of the dolls I made as a giveaway for class members.  Over on Maida Dolls Group, someone made a kind comment about Honor's picture, which I had posted.  And I commented back that Honor was the first doll I completed with my pattern.   And then I went along my merry way.   

Mary Bean was the winner of Honor, from the first class.  And she saw my comment.  Mary is a wonderful doll maker in her own right.  She decided to send Honor home to me, saying that she felt it was right that the first Izannah doll I made with my pattern should come home to live with me.  And so on Saturday I opened a box and look what was in it!   My first doll made with my pattern.  It was such a kind and generous thing for Mary to do.  I will always keep Honor.

I think Honor needs a necklace, 
and maybe a small companion to sit in her lap.

Thank you, Mary!!!

Visit Mary's blog 
to see her wonderful creations. 

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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