Work In Process - Mini Izzy

I hold the sum of the last few weeks of artistic effort in the palm of my hands...that feels weird because a lot of work has gone into this creation.  Actually, in some ways more than in a larger doll. 

Slowly and surely she is becoming who I want her to be.  It took me a while to work that out. I repainted her a couple of times.  In between the 2nd and 3rd pictures I went to visit a real Izannah and studied the pictures I've taken of many Izannah Walker dolls.  Ever since my blog scraping I am trying to be faithful about watermarking my photos, in case they go traveling to parts unknown.  Watermarking helps people find the original site in that case. 

I am committed to finishing this Izannah Walker inspired doll by the end of June. That means I have some teeny-tiny clothing to make, and a teeny-tiny body covering....which means a lot of hand-sewing. Some of this can be done on a dock at Cold Stream Pond while I watch the kids brave the cold water. 

Dixie Redmond

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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