Buying Art to Mark Life's Seasons

Artwork by Maureen White
When family members face big milestones, we often buy art.  My husband and I have bought paintings from artists on big anniversaries.  

A long time ago, I used to collect mugs when I faced challenges.   It was my way of saying, "good job" to myself.   Recently I faced some challenges and felt the need to encourage myself.  And I turned 50 this year.  And so I decided to reward myself for facing a challenge and mark turning 50.  But instead of buying a mug (too many mugs!) I decided to commission an artwork by Maureen White.  I loved a piece that she had made a year or so ago.  I asked her to make a "tree of life" embossed metal piece similar to one she had made previously.   Maureen agreed to make another "in the spirit of" the earlier work.  I wanted to include the saying, "A longing fulfilled is a tree of life."   I hung it in my messy office near the computer where I will see it often.  
Dixie Redmond

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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