Day 15: Go Deep

When I was in art school, my drawing professor would often chide me for "skimming the surface" in my drawings. You need to "go deep" he would say. I stood there scratchin' my head, wondering what the heck "go deep" meant.  

Not everyone understood my adopting this very beat up folk art relic made by Izannah Walker.  

My son said, "You bought that?"
My husband said, "Wouldn't you rather buy a doll you could enjoy?"
A good friend said, "You do not need that."
My friend's spouse said, "Congrats.  I guess?"
A dollmaker in a group said, "Even if  it is an original IW I don't think I could have one in such condition without trying to improve on it a little."

Not everyone sees what I see what I see in this old  folk art creation.  In this relic, I have the opportunity to go deeper in studying Izannah's dolls. I'm investing my time and money to do this. It's why I wanted to buy one, and particularly this example. Izannah U has begun. 

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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