Day 3: The Fun of Marking Milestones


I bought this lot of dolls on Ebay yesterday.

Those of you who know antique dolls will know why I bought this mixed lot of dolls yesterday.  See the doll on the right?  That's an Izannah Walker doll, made in the mid 19th century.  

I've been studying them and writing about them for over 5 years now.   I wrote an article along with Edyth O'Neill for Early American Life about Izannah Walker dolls.  They are perfect examples of three dimensional folk art. 

I turned 50 this year.  I usually buy a piece of art to mark birthdays.  This year I asked Maureen White to make me a metal embossed Tree of Life Painting to mark the milestone that said, "A longing fulfilled is a tree of life."   But since this was a BIG birthday, my husband told me to buy an Izannah Walker doll.   This is a stretch for us.  

Some of you are wondering why I would buy a doll missing limbs and with the amount of issues.  This doll has stories to tell about the construction of Izannah Walker dolls precisely because of the wear and tear she's seen.   I want her because she hasn't been repainted. 

Buying this doll is like going to Izannah University for me.  It's part of my FOCUS of study. She's the culmination of 5 years of study.  But will begin another few years of FOCUS for me.  I'm thinking of ways to give her limbs without changing her in any way.  So I'm designing prosthetics in my dreams now.  ;-) 


"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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