The Learning List: Art Goals for 2013

Making a Learning List is on my to-do list for January.   I make Learning Lists instead of a resolutions list.  Resolutions seem to be short-lived and deficit based, whereas a learning list has a positive open spin.  Learning is life-long and the spice of life.  I see this learning list as my ticket to FUN. 

My Learning List is often based around art techniques, but sometimes it is about a homemaking skill.  Sometimes they're related to my main art focus and other times it's just plain old fun and curiosity.  Year before last learning about making gelatin prints was on the list.  We had an "art party" and invited some friends over.  Last year I wanted to learn about fabric design (this is carrying over to 2013). I try to keep the "shoulds" off my list because then it becomes a burden of musts rather than an invitation to have some fun. 

  • Mold Making
  • Painting in Large Scale 
  • Rediscover Making Slipcovers
  • Fabric Designs - continue learning. 

It's important to not put too many things on the Learning List.  A list of about 5 things is pretty good. After you make the list, you decide on which thing to do first.  Keep it fun.   

I asked the Maida Dolls Group to share doll making skills they'd like to learn for 2013.   They have a pretty good inspiring discussion going on here.   If you're not a member of the Maida Dolls Group, it's free and open to anyone who would like to learn about doll making.  

So....what's on your Learning List for the coming year?    ~ Dixie Redmond

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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