Mold Making 101

I've been playing around with making some molds.   For the most part, my molds look like alien pod birthing stations.  I've used Amazing Mold Putty, which is a two part system.  You knead equal amounts of Part A into Part B for a minute and then make your press mold by pushing the face into the putty.  Push straight down, don't twist as you do this.  

Another way to do this is to lay the putty over a doll's face or head.  But then you have to put the mold onto a stable base after that.  Keep that in mind.  That's how I did my first molds.  But the sidewalls were not strong enough to press clay into those molds without distortion.  You need a strong sidewall. 

I plan to make a press mold for paperclay of Izannah faces and other designs of mine.  That way I will have the basic understructure, which can be customized with a second sculpting and still result in a one of a kind doll.   That eliminates sculpting the same basic facial structure over and over and over.

Once the molds are made with this putty, you can press paperclay into them and bake the mold and paperclay in the oven until the paperclay is mostly dry.  Then you remove the faces and flip it over so the side that was aganst the mold can dry.  I've been using a 200 degree oven.  I'm pleased with the learning I'm doing.  But it comes at a financial cost to make all these mistakes.  ;-) 

~ Dixie Redmond

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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