Using the Puzzle Piece Approach:
Thank you, Robert Genn!

REPOSTED because it's applicable to today.

Creating is an interesting process.  In each stage of a creation you get an entirely different feel.  And sometimes our own moods can show up in the creation.  I liked the tentative pencil drawing of the firs picture at left.  But when I painted color in she looked hard and impatient in the second picture.  I felt she needed a lower hairline to soften her look in the third pictures but the eyes weren't right then.   So I painted out the eyes. 

Something I have learned over time is to use one base coat color while I get the features right.   It makes repainting areas much easier.  I used to just repaint the whole face every time, but sometimes now I approach it more like a puzzle.  See Robert Genn's post about the puzzle technique in making paintings. I wasted a lot of time feeling like I had to repaint the whole face every time I wanted to fix a passage. When I get one piece that feels okay I leave it.  Using and keeping the base color really helps with that.  

I'm not sure this head is exactly where I want it.  Each time you change a creation, you gain and lose some aspects.   Each time you change one thing, you have a whole new creation in a way, because the 'puzzle pieces" interact differently with just one change.  And that is a good metaphor for life in general.  Change one thing, and everything else feels different, too.  That can have both negative and positive implications.  

I am learning to accept the way I create.  I am never satisfied with my first attempt.  When I change one thing it makes me notice another, and I change that, and then I notice another.  It's a chain reaction.    ;-)  And I sometimes still do a whole repaint.  Because sometimes you really do need a clean slate.  

Happy Creating!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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