Day 5: Feltpro's Cotton Stuffing

In making a Babyland Rag inspired doll I decided to try to use cotton stuffing. The original doll had been stuffed with cotton as far as I could tell.

I ordered a small amount of unbleached organic cotton from Feltpro.  You have to pull it apart so that it is in smaller pieces, similarly to poly.. There may be an occasional seed or piece of grass in it but it's not bothersome to remove. I'm in the learning curve about stuffing it well.   I will order a larger amount next time and I'm not getting anything for saying that!

Feltpro also sells FELT. And a felt doll kit. And other doll making tools and supplies. Look at the wonderful wool felt colors at feltpro! Look at Sally Mavor's book Wee Folk!

Feltpro offers many wonderful colors!
Click the color chart above to go to Feltpro's site.

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