The Yesterday Tree

A few weeks ago, I took the day to drive to the coast here in Maine.  The salt air clears the head in so many ways.  On the way, I stopped to look again at the house that was built by one of my ancestors. I've written about that house here.  I am fascinated by the house but also the TREE that stands so majestically next to the house.

Who knows how old this tree is?  Was it there before the house was built or did someone plant it? Someone at some time either planted it, or decided to let it grow when they were clearing the land for the house and farm. Over the years, subsequent owners let this tree be, and it has grown to be majestic.

We all make decisions like this - what to plant, or what to let grow. This tree is a metaphor. What will I intentionally establish, protect and nurture today so that future generations will benefit? There's a lot to think about in answering that question.  What do I wish I had done yesterday?  There's a list for sure. Some of those things I can still do.  Time to get crackin'.  Er...preserving.


  1. that is a nice tree. Very pretty and tall. It is sad but true, people just cut down trees ( willy nilly ) not thinking about the future. Glad you showed it to us. Seems like people just are cutting everything down and killing off every wild creature that gets in their path. So sad. these folks either were smart and thoughtful, or luck was on the tree's side.

  2. This tree (if it's the same one, which seems probable) was pretty big even when the original picture was taken. But it looks so much taller and fuller now. Do you know the approximate date of the older picture?

  3. I love your metaphor. I would add (because I was out working in the yard this morning) that some of the things we decide to leave in our lives get out of we keep them, but to best nurture them, we must prune and shape as they grow. ;~)


"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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