Izannah says, "Now Is the time."

Yesterday's post about marking milestones through buying art reminded me of this group of dolls I purchased for my 50th birthday. I purchased this lot on EBay and the original buyer bought it as an end of auction box lot in Vermont.  👀  We know what that means!

I sold the French Fashion doll, and gave the wax doll to a doll making friend. The Izannah doll has been patiently waiting these past 5 years while we dealt with transitions as a family, first with my oldest graduating and trying to find good programs for him, and now as I've sent my youngest off to college.

Izannah Walker's 200th birthday is a great time to study her more closely and make her some replacement limbs. I've been imagining in my head how I will go about this without changing the original doll at all.  It will be a fun Winter Project. I will share my progress and problem solving here on my blog, and some on the Izannah Walker Chronicles, as that blog focuses on original antique dolls.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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