I'm a visual artist, a mother, wife, and writer who makes paintings and antique inspired dolls. I am the writer of the Izannah Walker Chronicles, MAIDA Today, and the leader of the MAIDA Dolls Group.  

I'm intensely interested in how things work, and love learning something new. I love reading about and researching family history. I enjoy thinking up strange things that sometimes never make it to reality. But they feed other ideas. As you can see, I enjoy a lot of things, and I think that is a great gift!  

I have always drawn and created things.... when I was a little girl I enjoyed sewing and drawing and making diaramas. I used to pull rocks out of Cold Stream Pond, and look for the shape of things in each one. I studied art in high school, and in college studied to become an elementary school teacher. I later continued studies in art Montserrat College of Art. My life was oriented around raising young children for a time. Now as they are growing I can direct more of my energies into art-making.

I love painting for painting's sake, whether in an abstract mode or figuratively. I also enjoy making creations that are reminiscent of the folk art of past times. I've make both fine art and folk art, as I think they inform each other.

My first pattern was based on Izannah Walker's original antique dolls and have had an incredible experience teaching my first online class - the Izannah Walker Workshop.    I enjoy making my own work, but the sweet spot for me is designing a pattern that can be a springboard for others' creativity.   That's the teacher in me, that loves to see people learn something new and grow in their skills.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site, and to read about me.   Please visit my galleries:

originally published in Early American Life
written by Dixie Redmond and Edyth O'Neill

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden