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Dixie's Izannah Inspired Hand Tutorial

If you post pictures online of a doll made with this pattern or if you sell a doll, please credit Dixie Redmond/Northdixie designs.  A link back to this site would be appreciated as well.  Something like OOAK doll sculpted and painted by YOU using a pattern by Dixie Redmond is a good way to say it. 
When you use this pattern above you cut the shapes out and trace around them on fabric. But don't cut out on the line for the body, legs and arms. Instead, sew directly on the lines (except for the thumb) and then trim to 1/8" to 1/4". Clip seams, turn and stuff. For the thumb, decrease size by 20% from shown, cut two out, then fold in half. Sew from the pointed dot to the top of the thumb with around 1/4" seam allowance. Clip seams and turn and stuff.

If you're looking for my Izannah Walker inspired pattern e-book, you can find that at the Izannah Walker Workshop

Babyland Rag Catalog
black and white photocopy of an original catalog
Click here to see the album

The following are video clips I've made for the Izannah Walker Workshop.  The first video shows how to add a base layer of clay to a cloth doll.  Another video shows a doll "earectomy".  Nothing like doll surgery to keep it real.


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