The Encouragement Factor

I showed my husband the video clip below of Paul Potts. Truth be told, I've been playing it a lot. Perhaps a bit excessively. There's something in it I'm trying to figure out. Why did this guy persevere in entering Britain's Got Talent after all that he had been through? What are the chances that a shy mid-30's guy is going to win a major talent competition singing opera in our world? In a world dominated by the newest music movement, who is really going to pay attention to a mobile phone salesman singing opera? Why would he even try?

If you'd like to know why Paul Potts decided to enter Britain's got talent after a number of disappointments and a debilitating accident which put a stop to his singing for a time, then you should read The Power of Encouragement which shows the power of one person's encouragement to another, and answers the question of why Paul Potts tried singing again.

I think this relates a bit to my post of a couple weeks back about sowing seeds in despair and reaping with songs of joy.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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