Last year I intended on making a snowman doll but didn't get to it by Christmas. When you live in Maine and you're over 40 you're not always wanting to be thinking ahead to snow in September and October. This year, though, I think I may make it! Here's an update on her progress. She decided to switch fabric on me after I had already begun a dress in red. Oh well, they do have their quirks. I've used mica flakes on her to give her a vintage look. Here's what she looked like before:

She's not done. I still have to put her arms on her.
These are adapted from a pattern for antique
paper mache bodies sent to me by a dollmaking friend.

So I will paint the arms, mica them up, then make a dress,
and decide on that little extra thing that she needs before I list her on Ebay this weekend.

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"Do not let what you cannot do
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John Wooden