Christmas Izzy

Here's a sneak peak at my newest doll. I'm calling her Christmas Izzy because I began her on Christmas Eve. She has been baking constantly since then. I add a layer of clay, bake her for a few hours, add another, etc.

I love when they're at this sleepy stage - they have a world of possibilities. The shape of a mouth, the tilt of an eyebrow, the size of a pupil - all of these will make a difference in who she is. I see some sculpting problems in terms of symmetry, but I'm saying I'm done after she has spent 3 days in the sculpting/baking stage. And we all have asymmetrical faces, anyway. AND, if you look at original Izannah Walker dolls, they're not symmetrical. There! I've convinced myself ;-)

The next steps are:
  • sand the head a bit
  • gesso the head
  • do an underpainting in monochromatic colors
  • restuff the body and add weight to her bottom
  • give her arms and legs
  • dress her - this is always a hard thing for me - I spend days draping the doll with various fabrics I have on hand. I have a lot of fabric on hand!
The doll in the red bonnet below is my inspiration doll. But at a certain point you have to let go of your inspiration picture and let them be what they want to be.

By the time I finish an Izannah inspired doll, I have usually put 70-100 hours of creation time into her. They are definitely a labor of love!


AND I've been tagged by Countryfolk Keepsakes to tell you

5 things about myself

1) I once planted over 20 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and was written up in an article that was in the New York Times. Here's the article. I think this must have been the inspiration of some of my tomato people portraits. I just read the article and realize that was 10 years ago when I was 35. Yikes, time goes by quickly.

2) I'm a songwriter. I have about 100 songs that I've written in my computer archives. They range from worship songs to acerbic country songs. I've sung a few of them in public, but haven't published any. I've always alternated music and visual arts in my life somehow. Usually I'm a bit more focused on one than the other, but both are always present.

3) I have two children, and my oldest has autism. It's been quite a journey. Being a parent changes everyone to a great degree, but parenting a child with special needs requires you to lay yourself aside in ways you never imagine. And yet I have seen beauty I would never have seen if my child wasn't autistic.

4) I wanted to be an architect when I was younger...but those pesky physics classes at university persuaded me otherwise. I have the design part in my head, but I really am not strong in math and science. I'm okay with that.

5) I have a little OCD in me. This is usually a good thing - it's what what drives me to plant 20 varieties of tomatoes, or to bake an Izannah inspired doll for 4 days. But it can come out in silly ways, too. When I have a lot of watchers on one of my items on Ebay I circle the number of watchers with the pointer of my mouse and say, "Bid, watchers, bid!" Silly Dixie. I know this doesn't make people bid, but it makes me feel good. :-)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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