Little Red Riding Hood Painting Almost Finished

On Sunday I cleaned off my painting table and a funny thing happened. I was motivated to do some painting! The painting is above - she's been in process for a while. She is painted on a wood box frame panel. Right now I'm painting the sides black and then will crackle the whole thing before it's done. I am pleased that she has that awkward head too big for the body look that is so common in old folk art paintings. I also like that she has a gentle innocence about her.

Here is a peek at one corner that has been organized. I've been looked at the magazine Where Women Create and have been inspired (again) to make my areas a place that is a joy and respite to go to create.

You can't see to the right of this shelving unit -
that's the disaster zone I have yet to address!


  1. Dixie, she is very pretty. I love the painting.

  2. She is adorable...
    Just stopping by to say hello...
    So,HELLO. Hope you are doing well...I like the new couch and got a kick out of your rug choices.

  3. GASP!She is wonderful,Dixie!I want her too!One of these days.....:-)

  4. Hi Dixie! I love your work. Your Red Riding Hood is so sweet! I think she is tired of cold weather and looking forward to flowers blooming!!


  5. You KNOW I love her!
    And great start on the studio :)

  6. Thanks, all. She went to live with Nina Mason as my (gulp) Christmas Swap. Christmas in January.


"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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