Here's where this girl is above. Below is what she did look like before I painted out her eyebrows and took out the Munster hairline. If I were going to make her look more like the Izannah she's inspired by, I would add a hunk of clay to the top of her head and sand down her cheeks a bit. But I might just let her be her own thing at this point, and begin another doll that is more like the inspiration picture.

I am trying not to repaint this doll 5 times, but her eyebrows were too prominent and caterpillary.


  1. OMGosh! I would not change a thing!! She is beautiful! I really love her hair....


  2. Wow Dix, it's like you've cloned her!
    The eyebrows are almost non-existent on the original IW I notice. Can't wait to see her progress!

  3. I Love her
    She does look so beautiful without her eyebrows and Munster hairline
    ha ha ..... you are funny !

  4. Dix, Love that sepia colour you used for her hair and brows! She's coming along splendidly! Becky

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