My Fiddlestix Studios Collection and My Works in Progress

Fiddlestix Studios came up in the conversation of one of my groups. It's an antique doll collecting group but we were sharing our "new" things we've collected. Someone posted a wonderful Red Riding Hood bunny and I knew it must be a Mandy Broom/Fiddlestix Studios original. :-) I was right! So I went to gather the creations I have of Mandy's and realized that I have three of her works. I think that qualifies for a collection, don't you? Mandy makes creations that have wonderful quirky details like the little Raggedy Ann and Andy attached to the belt of the Queen Raggedy Anne from the group shop below.

Mandy combines fabrics and trims in an inspired way.

Look at this wonderful bunny! How engaging he is!
I have a bunny collection, too, which I'll show another day.

And here's a close-up of Mandy's Take on a Tuck Comb Doll:

Visit Mandy at Fiddlestix Studios.

Yes, I have also been working hard
behind the scenes on the boys' jacket pattern.

I made another one that is lined this time.
It adds another flash of color, as a friend put it.

But if you use felted wool (rug hooking wool that's been washed, dried and overdyed, maybe) you only need to bind the edges with bias strips. So it can be an easy solution. This particular jacket will have two antique glass buttons at the top near the neck and a connector piece with two buttonholes. I've been using an antique doll clothing picture from the 1860's as inspiration.

I have learned hat I have to let myself take as long as I need on these patterns to get them right. I want them to be good so that they are very do-able for the people using the patterns. That worked out well for the Izannah Walker Workshop class. :-) Here's a recap of the slideshow of class members' work from the spring class.

All dolls above were hand sculpted and painted by class members
using Dixie Redmond's Izannah Walker Workshop Pattern

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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