Two New to Me Dolls - Martha Chase & Elaine McNally

Doll by Elaine McNally
using the Izannah Walker Workshop pattern

I was lucky enough recently to become the proud owners of two dolls. One is beaten up and dirty and falling apart, and the other is newly made. I love them both.

First up, I will show you the Elaine McNally doll I am the proud owner of. I sent Elaine a pattern for a Columbian doll that I knew I wasn't going to get around to, but knew she would enjoy it. I also included an extra copy of a book and some lace in the package. She offered to pay me for the pattern but what I wanted more than money was one of her dolls. And I said so. So guess what I got in the mail? This wonderful doll that she made in my first Izannah Walker Workshop. I love Elaine McNally's dolls! Elaine recently made a Little Red Riding Hood and a Wolf using the Izannah Walker Workshop pattern. I'm lovin' seeing these Un-Izannahs as well. :-)

using the Izannah Walker Workshop pattern

And here's my (ahem) "new" Chase doll

In this picture below you can see
what the paint color was when new.

She (he?) will be fun to study!
These beaten up old dolls give a lot of clues
as to how they're constructed


Judi Hunziker said...

I love Elaines Doll, very sweet :)

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

There's something very special about Elaine's dolls. They all have such a wistful quality about them, like they're deep in thought. I love them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both commets. I adore Elaine's dolls and her style. She's a great painter and sewer as well. The dress and apron are perfect. I also very much like the Martha Chase doll, seeing the original paint and construction. Dixie, will you make a pattern from it? That would be great. Fondly Mary Goddard.

Dixie Redmond said...

Hi, Mary -

I'm not sure. I have a number of projects to finish up before I can consider my next one. :-) Has someone already done this?

Anonymous said...

You are one lucky girl Dixie, these two dolls are treasures. Nice work Elaine ;)

Town Common Folk Art Dolls by Penni Sadlon said...

Oh Dixie, your so lucky...Elaine's dolls are treasures!!! (just darlling Elaine!) Do you think Martha Chase knew Izannah Walker??

pammiejayne said...

two lovely dolls, not sure which one i like best,Elaine's doll is fantastic her not just her face ,,EVERYTHING about her is wonderful.....but i love the "oldness" of the other one!!!

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