Why I Cried Today

Wildlife Lost

It takes a lot to bring tears to my eyes nowadays. I used to cry easily when I was younger, but figured out it didn't really change the situation and in true Yankee form decided to buck up and keep a stiff upper lip. I have dealt with some situations that either crumble you or make you stronger. I had been avoiding pictures of the oil spill devastation. But today I saw a picture posted on Facebook. So I sought out the images of the wildlife struggling in Louisiana. And I cried angry tears. I usually avoid anything that might lead to a political discussion, but this is beyond political. We can't entirely blame BP or the government for mishandling this, although it is obvious that failure abounds. But there would be no "Drill, Baby, Drill!" if we the consumers weren't using the oil. So everyone go look in a mirror, me included. None of us would want that devastation in our back yard, or in our favorite vacation spots or where our retirement homes are. I wonder if we would like to be dunked in a tank of crude oil daily and then have to live our daily life?

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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