Why I Cried Today

Wildlife Lost

It takes a lot to bring tears to my eyes nowadays. I used to cry easily when I was younger, but figured out it didn't really change the situation and in true Yankee form decided to buck up and keep a stiff upper lip. I have dealt with some situations that either crumble you or make you stronger. I had been avoiding pictures of the oil spill devastation. But today I saw a picture posted on Facebook. So I sought out the images of the wildlife struggling in Louisiana. And I cried angry tears. I usually avoid anything that might lead to a political discussion, but this is beyond political. We can't entirely blame BP or the government for mishandling this, although it is obvious that failure abounds. But there would be no "Drill, Baby, Drill!" if we the consumers weren't using the oil. So everyone go look in a mirror, me included. None of us would want that devastation in our back yard, or in our favorite vacation spots or where our retirement homes are. I wonder if we would like to be dunked in a tank of crude oil daily and then have to live our daily life?


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Dix, I cried all evening too after seeing the photos of suffering, helpless wildlife. I can't imagine suffocating in crude oil.
We are supposed to be stewards of the earth. Yet we are the only species who takes and takes like parasites, without giving back.
I blame it on the greed, power and control of men and the laziness and apathy for us to allow this to happen.
:> (

Susie McMahon said...

Yep........somethings got to change, or it will be changed for us, whether we like it or not. I have long felt this way and have always tried to tread as lightly on the earth as I can.

Julie said...

Dixie, I agree, I work in a plastic's factory and the main ingedient to make plastic is oil. So the term recycle and save the earth is so true. If everyone would just recycle all their plastic's it would mean a lot less new crude oil needed to make all the those plastic items we all use daily in our lives. Just think of this, it is in our clothes(polyester,unless it is one 100 percent cotten, wool, or linen, it is made with polyester. Who would have thought going out and buying all those shoes and new clothes and purses and so on would effect the environment so much more than just buying gasoline and heating oil. Food for thought.
I also want to point out we use 50 to 90% recycled materials in our plastics. Sometimes there is no recycled materials and we have to use all new materials. The company I work for has won many rewards and is reconigized as a leader in being environmently conscious. Even from the DNR which we all know is hard to please. We have also developed a plant based plastic which is in its tweaking stages. This could be a huge step inbeing less dependent on crude oil.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I am like you, those pictures of the wildlife are too much to take. I did a post on the oil spill as well. Somethings need to be talked about and learned from. I was at an art show today and one of the photography booths had photos from the Gulf Coast. There was a beautiful brown pelican in one photo, as the photographer and I discussed the devestation from the oil spill others joined in. This oil spill is a real tragedy and so deeply saddening.

Baggaraggs: said...

Oh Dixie, I live on the GULF coast in Florida, and it makes me Heart sick to see what is happening to the wild life here. I feel like it (The oil spill) is a terrible betrayal to the creatures of the air and the sea...we are their GUARDIANS. I am so angry and sad about it. I cry too. Robin

Unknown said...

Hi Dixie,
The consequences of our failure to LISTEN, once again is devastating and far-reaching. The oil rig deludge WILL affect even the eastern seaboard area. I mentioned LISTENING, didn't I. One of the workers on the rig...a man who risked his life (to save all but the 11 who died in the explosion) AND THEN MADE the ULTIMATE sacrifice himself, had warned the company for the last couple years regarding problems on that location; only to be brushed aside. He told his wife and made financial arrangements for his family and posted his last will and testement because he knew this event was forthcoming...just not when. He wanted to provide for his family and he told his wife that the company's insurance would take care of the family and guess what - they are going to have to go to court! It seems to me that the BOTTOM LINE (once again) is really what is important. Putting employees lives in jepordy and even death is not important; in fact, serious bodily injury/death only becomes a factor of some importance when the company cannot win the court case. Court cases that usually last for years...why - no accountability and a jaded sense of justice. BP should be taking care of those people who have died without the courts - families who make their livelihood should also be compensated RIGHT NOW!
I am sorry...and will stop right now...I agree with you Dixie and am crying too!

Dixie Redmond said...

Yes. Lives lost, livelihoods lost, wildlife lost, who knows what the ramifications are. Unbelievable that an up to date battery might have saved all this.

Anonymous said...

For years to come they will be cleaning this mess up. It seems a lot of people treat the oceans like a toilet ! Where does that come from ? GREED, the idiots we elect have there hands in oil, gas and etc. I could go on, this is a sad situation ! I am a shamed of how many selfish human beings there are !

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden