Izannah Walker Doll No. 2


I set out to make a boy doll with my Izannah Walker inspired pattern and Izaac is the result. He is available for purchase. I bet Izaac wondering if I was ever going to let him be adopted, because he's been in process a long time.

Izaac is about 17 1/2 inches tall and is made using the pattern I developed after studying many Izannah Walker dolls. His head is sculpted with paperclay. A layer of stockinette is added, then gesso, then many layers of painting and sanding and glazing. He is meant to have a mildly distressed look.

Izaac has molded ears and a boys' sideparted hairstyle.

Izaac has been the model for quite a few clothing outfits over the month, but in the end I liked him best in an 1860's inspired boys' dress with matching pants. The reproduction 1800's fabric is a nice one for the autumn season.

He wears painted boots with laced as Izannah's early dolls did.

If you're interested in purchasing Izaac,
please email me at northdixie@gmail.com

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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