The Time Life 1994 Dream House
Designed by Robert Stern


In cleaning out my treasures clutter, I found the June 1994 issue of Life Magazine.  Each year Time Life published a house to be in the series of Dream Houses.  Robert Stern, who also designed the addition to the Bangor Public Library near where I live here in Maine,  designed the 1994 Dream House.  I had dreams of building a house like this someday. 

Here's what the house looks like built:  

Letting go of the magazine was a bit hard...maybe a bit like letting go of a dream.  BUT on the other hand, I am making room for what is actually taking place in life.  But I scanned the magazine article for future reference, in case I ever feel like taking on the challenge of building a house.  But then my computer died, taking the unbacked article with it.

If you'd like to see this house built, you can check out this link:


  1. I have been looking for this article - which I also kept, but alas, cannot find after many years and 3 moves. If you have the time could you send me the scans of the article? I especially like the adaptability of the exterior - as well as Stern's comments. Very sweet blog!

  2. Jayne, We built this home in 1999. Added a basement and enlarged the breakfast bay - no other changes.
    You will love living in this house.

    1. Hello jayne- Getting ready to buy a house in Ohio with this floorplan. Great pictures on Zillow if you care to take a look. Would love to see what others have done as well.

  3. I have this magazine and have saved it for the beautiful house plans it featured. Loved seeing that others also made a connection to it somehow.

  4. We have the plans and are going to build in Pinehurst, NC. Would love to see pictures of others..

  5. Actually built the house in 2000.We have loved it and are going to be empty nesters soon, so we'll be selling:(.

    My family's second home is in Maine but the Stern house is in the Lake placid,NY area.


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