Getting Ready for Company


If I had a decorating blog it would be called The UN-Decorated House.   Honestly, where have I been the last 5 years?

We're having celebrations at our house within a two day span.     My mom is turning 70 on Tuesday and then my father-in-law has a birthday on Thanksgiving Day.  I am delighted to host both of these gatherings.  But but my house is not always company ready.  When I see my house through other people's eyes, I start to get nervous.  So much undone, and so little time!

I'm also trying to get my house together to take pictures because I'm having someone help me  pick colors for flow.  You would think that an artist would be able to pick out colors easily, but because I like all the colors so much, I have a hard time making a choice.  I need someone to nudge me in the right direction.  

So while I'm cleaning out I found a stack of framed pictures in my office - one is a painting my husband and I bought on our 10th anniversy (we will soon be celebrating our 25th!).   Whoever framed this did a poor job and so now I am attempting to fix it.   

And then there is this painting, which hung in my granddad's house.  When the family was cleaning out his house I was lucky enough to bring it to my house.  I have a funny childhood memory of the older cousin's telling me (and other younger cousins) that a witch lived behind the birch trees in this picture.  It's kind of a funny reason to want a painting.   The frame is too ornate and gold for this painting, in my opinion, and I am thinking of painting it black.  

And finally there is this yummy abstract painting I purchased recently from Jane DesRosier.  I was a lucky girl to win it on Ebay.  :-)   Now I'm trying to decide where to hang it.  It is definitely a focal point kind of painting. 

These are the kinds of distractions that keep me from cleaning out stuff!

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Town Common Folk Art Dolls by Penni Sadlon said...

Hi Dixie,
I can relate to the writing, painting, rather than cleaning dilemma for sure. You'll get it. I usually do one section of house per day. You've got 3 days before your company visits. You can do it! Besides, family loves you, not your house! Tidy doesn't have to be perfect. Also, I have the same dilemma with paint colors on my walls. I've opted for a cream/pumpkin/coffee scheme...looks like clay on the walls (love that)...also shows art well. My other favorite is white, white, white, if you have enough wood architecture to soften makes a great back drop for folk art...lots of it. Have a wonderful holiday! Penni

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden