Day ONE: Taking Stock


I'm getting ready for my 31 Days of Art in October.   Today is taking stock day.   I'll be evaluating myself  stuff-wise and heart-wise and how-I-use-my-time-wise.  All the physical stuff and expectations of myself and ideas in my head that I've collected will go through the sorting process.  What I want my future to be will be the screening tool.  It's a day of HONESTY with self.  It might hurt a little.  I may need these: 

But more likely I will need this:

Source: via Natasha on Pinterest

I got distracted on Pinterest looking for vacuum images (!!!) 
and found these adorable ghosties....should I make them?  

DIXIE, back to the job at hand!

Do you see what I'm dealing with?
Look at all the pretty, pretty pictures....

Anyway, at the end of 20 Days
I will have this:

Source: None via David on Pinterest

so that I can do this:

Are you still with me?   
You're probably a friend or family member. 

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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